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Indulge in a delectable gaming experience with "Pizza Fasto," a savory five-reel, 5-line video slot game set against a backdrop of checkered tablecloths and the aroma of freshly baked dough.

As the reels spin, players encounter mouthwatering pizza symbols, capturing the essence of a lively pizza parlor. "Pizza Fasto" features a bonus wheel, allowing players to spin for a chance to unlock additional toppings of wins, adding excitement to the gameplay. The culinary adventure continues with the free spin bonus, offering extended gameplay without depleting wagers. Pizza slices animate the reels during bonus rounds, creating a dynamic and immersive experience mirroring the fast-paced energy of a pizza kitchen. Adding to the excitement, the game introduces a mystery progressive jackpot, enticing players to unlock this ever-growing jackpot with each spin. Thematic coherence is seamlessly integrated, from mouthwatering pizza graphics to the pizzeria-inspired backdrop and ambient sounds.

In summary, "Pizza Fasto" invites players to relish the joy of a pizza parlor, encounter delicious symbols, and uncover hidden treasures in a game where the bonus wheel, free spin bonus, and mystery progressive jackpot promise a flavorful and rewarding journey through the aromatic and tasty world of Pizza Fasto.



Canival_class 3.png

Golden Colosseum is a five-reel,
20-line video game.

Canival_class 3.png

Carnival Lotto is fun and exciting Lotto/Keno type game. Simple but fun games for the players to be entertained with. Game contains special Bonus and Jackpot.

Canival_class 3.png

Gorilla's Realm is a five-reel,
30-line video game.

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