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Step right up and immerse yourself in the excitement of "Carnival Lotto," a vibrant and thrilling 7-spot, 4-card lotto-style game that brings the joy of the carnival to your fingertips. This lotto extravaganza promises players a delightful and visually captivating gaming experience with its unique twist on the 7-spot lotto format across 4 cards, providing ample opportunities for hitting the jackpot.

As the carnival-themed cards come to life, players are surrounded by colorful attractions and whimsical symbols, creating a festive atmosphere. The game features a captivating bonus round that keeps the carnival spirit alive, offering a chance to unlock additional prizes and enhance winning potential, making each spin a thrilling experience. For an extra element of surprise, "Carnival Lotto" introduces a mystery progressive jackpot, building anticipation with each draw and providing the opportunity to uncover substantial and unexpected rewards. Thematic coherence, from lively carnival graphics to cheerful sound effects, captures the essence of a day at the carnival. In summary, "Carnival Lotto" is more than a lotto game; it's a virtual carnival experience where the bonus and mystery progressive jackpot add an extra layer of joy to the gameplay.

Indulge in the festive spirit, try your luck with the lotto format, and uncover the mysteries behind the progressive jackpot for a carnival experience like no other, filled with surprises and the potential for thrilling wins.



Canival_class 3.png

Golden Colosseum is a five-reel,
20-line video game.

Canival_class 3.png

Carnival Lotto is fun and exciting Lotto/Keno type game. Simple but fun games for the players to be entertained with. Game contains special Bonus and Jackpot.

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Gorilla's Realm is a five-reel,
30-line video game.

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