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Card-based games, specifically classified as Class II approved table games, are designed to meet the gaming needs of jurisdictions where the use of ball and dice is prohibited. These types of table games offer a suitable alternative for regions with restrictions on traditional gaming elements. The unpredictability and randomness integral to these games can be effectively attained through two methods: the traditional approach of manual card shuffling or the modern convenience of automated card shufflers. This dual option ensures flexibility and compliance with regulations, allowing for an engaging and diverse gaming experience in various legal contexts.

 In addition to traditional settings with regular tables, this game offers versatile gameplay options by embracing modern advancements through the seamless integration of Electronic Table Game (ETG) terminals.  Players can enjoy the flexibility of experiencing the game in its classic form at standard tables, fostering a communal and social atmosphere. Simultaneously, the inclusion of ETG terminals adds a contemporary twist, providing an electronic platform for those seeking a more technologically immersive gaming experience. This dual approach ensures that the game remains accessible to a wide audience, catering to diverse preferences and creating a dynamic gaming environment suitable for various player preferences.


Mega Six game based on standard
52-crads deck with 2 Jokers to obtain
the winning number.

Sic Bo is a card-based table game using a deck of 18 cards to represent three
6-sided dice.

Card based Craps with triple 7 side bet bonus game. The game is based on 36-card deck to obtain the 2-dice outcome.

Baccarat games with capabilities to link to ETGs and remote locations.

Roulette game based on 38-card deck to obtain the roulette outcome.

Baccarat games with capabilities to link to ETGs and remote locations.

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