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Embark on a thrilling journey with "Craps HD," a groundbreaking adaptation of the classic craps table game designed for jurisdictions where traditional dice and balls are not permitted. This innovative game introduces a modified deck of cards, where each card represents a unique result from the roll of two dice, offering an exhilarating and dice-free craps experience.

In "Craps HD," players are transported to a visually stunning digital craps table, where the modified deck of cards takes center stage, mirroring the excitement of traditional craps without the need for dice or a physical table. As players place bets on the virtual craps table, the modified deck introduces an element of strategy and anticipation, allowing informed decisions based on card composition. With a comprehensive selection of craps bets, "Craps HD Card Edition" brings the casino floor excitement to players in jurisdictions where traditional craps equipment is prohibited. Thematic coherence is seamlessly integrated into the game, with high-quality graphics replicating the lively atmosphere of a traditional craps table. "Craps HD" is not just a game; it's a modern and innovative take on craps, offering a dynamic and engaging gaming journey tailored for players in regions where dice and balls are not allowed.

In summary, "Craps HD" invites players to revel in the excitement of craps without traditional dice, utilizing a modified deck of cards for a thrilling and authentic experience. With its innovative gameplay and immersive design, this dice-free craps game promises an unforgettable and dynamic gaming journey for players seeking the thrill of the craps table in regions with specific gaming restrictions.



Mega Six game based on standard
52-crads deck with 2 Jokers to obtain
the winning number.


Card based Craps with triple 7 side bet bonus game. The game is based on 36-card deck to obtain the 2-dice outcome.


Roulette game based on 38-card deck to obtain the roulette outcome.

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