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Remote betting terminals are self-service devices that allow users to place bets on casino games without the need for human interaction. 


Remote betting terminals developed by WGSC can be linked with any live table such as baccarat, or automated device such as roulette, to enable players to place wagers on a single or multiple tables simultaneously. 


WGSC also offers a wide area network solution which can be utilized to link WGSC remote betting terminals with live tables (or automated devices) in other locations. This solution might be preferred in a situation where dealers are not available and save on labor cost.  


Note: in case of card based games such as Mega Six, all outcomes displayed on the designated screen are generated by physical playing cards. 


Remote Betting Terminals

Additional Features

Ante Feature (configurable, on or off, and different ante amount for different wager amounts)


Player Ratings Feature (rate play as table game plays)


Side Bets Feature


Ante and Tips Features report as SAS meters to back-office system.

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Electronic Table Games

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FAST Games

A new gaming platform with stare-of-the-art graphics and multiple games to provide fast action on your gaming floor.

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Card Based Table Games

Card based games - Class II approved table games to provide for jurisdictions where ball and dice are not allowed. Game randomness can be achieved through manual card shuffling or automated card shufflers.

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