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WGSC’s Card Base Mega 6 game provide fun and exciting to Jurisdictions that prohibits the use of a mechanical spinning wheel.  The technology uses playing cards to generate the random game results and displays the visual aid of the Big Wheel game to the players.  The house advantage for the game is exactly that same as the real Big 6 game.  The game is played on a Live Dealer’s table just like standard Big Wheel game.  The Dealer is in control of the game.  Another advantage that the WGSC’s Card Base Mega 6 game has is that it can broadcast the live table results to various remote Electronic Table Game (ETG) machines that are connected to the network.  Players can play at the live dealer table.  If the players don’t feel comfortable betting at the live dealer table, they can learn to play the game at their private ETG machine.


The Mega Six is an easy game to play and loads of fun. The layout contains pictorial representations of actual symbols (dollar bills) on the Big Wheel. Bets are made by placing a chip on the layout in one of the boxes containing those symbols. If that number is the one you put your money on, you’re a winner. Our Mega Six Wheel is virtual and activated by scanning a card. Each card will represent one of the symbols on the wheel. There are 54 possible outcomes (spaces) on the big wheel and 54 cards which directly correspond to each one.


The game is played with a standard 52 card deck, plus two jokers. Mega Six Wheel shall be played with at least one (1) red and one (1) blue deck of cards of the same design.

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